Trenchless Technology

HDD is a trenchless method of installing pipe in the ground at variable angles using a guidable drill head. HDD Technology is one of the latest Method for utility Construction. The major utilities like gas, electric and telecommunications can be installed with this Technology. HDD Technology reduces the cost, time accelerates the pace of construction, allows the work under the water and other obstacles. It use for Underground utilities without trenching or excavating of soil. If you want to work at the Urban Area or congested area, Excavation of soil could not be feasible and more expansive than Horizontal Directional Drill Method.

Underground Laying process using the technology of horizontal directional drill is carried out in Following Stages:

  • 1. Drilling Pilot Hole
  • 2. Pulling Back Reamer
  • 3. Pullback the Pipe

The advantage of HDD Technology at Production and technical aspect, Financial and economic aspect, Socio-economic aspect has enormous and very effective. Horizontal Directional Drill Machines Are More Efficient Than Other Access Methods. This technology is Feasible Option for Congested area and Reduce site Disruptions. Minimize Set-Up Cost, Replacement / Maintenance Cost And Time.